Healthcare Intelligence Specialist – North West

Job Summary

To deliver service excellence to NHS provider and commissioning clients in England.

The nature of this support will differ, subject to each customer’s own needs but is likely to include or require, at minimum:

  • Analysis, interpretation and presentation of complex data/information in a way appropriate to the client and their requirements
  • Providing reports for use at Board and other levels
  • Assisting customers to embed the use of the tools within their management information processes and drive active change management projects on the back of this
  • Training on our management information tools for different role types within client organisations

This role requires the individual to work closely with the Analytical Services team and with the Business Manager responsible for sales in their region.

Key Duties and Main Responsibilities

Working with clients:

  • Delivering excellent client service in whatever form is locally required
  • Working with clients at an organisational and an individual level to understand their objectives and challenges and deliver a programme of work that helps them to achieve and overcome these and implement measurable change and improvements
  • Developing an expert knowledge of our management information tools and the NHS and other datasets which feed into them; maintaining this knowledge as improvements are made, new tools launched or datasets included
  • Supporting clients in their use of our tools for example, delivering training for different user groups

Working with Business Managers:

  • Where appropriate, developing an annual Account Plan with and for each customer, subsequently following up with Quarterly Activity Statements, recording progress against plan objectives and ultimately an Annual Report summarising account activity and the value of this
  • As directed and in combination with other colleagues e.g. Analytical Services, as required, working to deliver successfully against this plan
  • Assisting in the securing of customer tool renewals, identifying and drawing to the Business Manager’s attention, any opportunities to deepen customer relationships
  • Providing feedback from clients on our products and services to the business
  • As required, contributing to the development and implementation of the regional business development strategy

Working within Our Company:

  • Acting as an expert in patient/information flows across the local health economy for clients and colleagues

Carrying out bespoke pieces of project and analytical work as required.

If you have the knowledge, experience and interest to succeed in any of our current opportunities, apply by sending your CV and application letter to, indicating why you are interested in the role and how you meet the criteria and attributes, outlined in the job description.