Using the Global Comparators toolkit

How Dr Foster’s Global Comparators toolkit helped Leuven University Hospitals in Belgium

Frank Rademaker, chief medical officer, said: “All of the different medical departments use the Global Comparators toolkit… When I first demonstrated it to clinicians, they saw the power of it. There are many ways of looking at the data, you can compare similar case mixes, similar sized hospitals, you can really fine-tune it.”

Leuven University Hospitals in Belgium uses the Global Comparators toolkit to look for other institutions that are doing something really well, and then it puts its clinicians in touch with them to understand why.

After data analysis they changed their weekend staff rotas after looking at weekend mortality compared with weekdays and saw there was a difference. As it is a training hospital, at weekends it had a lot of trainees in with more experienced staff on call. It now has more senior staff working in the hospitals at the weekend.