Global Focus: Asia

Given the population and volume of data in Asia, the potential for comparison and benchmarking is unparalleled in any other region. With our partners in China, the Shanghai Institute for Medical Quality, we are currently running a pilot project with the Shanghai People’s Number One Hospital, working with the hospital’s senior leadership team.

The project is looking at the structure and quality of hospital data across China and is the first step in benchmarking their data nationally and with hospitals in other countries around the world.

We are also working with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as part of Global Comparators.

Solutions available in Asia

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  • Australia

    Within Australia we work with clients at Federal, State and Local Heath Service level. We work with more than 30 leading hospitals in the states of Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales.

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  • North America

    In the US we work with a range of clients across the country. Our teams work with all hospital variants from academic medical centers to regional care units.

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  • Continental Europe

    Having co-founded the Global Comparators project with participants from Benelux (including Leuven and all eight Dutch university hospitals) we have recently seen dramatic growth in Finland, Denmark and especially Norway.

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  • United Kingdom

    Dr Foster came about because of the events at one department of one hospital in the 1980s and 1990s. The story of how heart surgeons at the Bristol Royal Infirmary carried out operations on infants without the necessary skills resulting in a number of children dying is well known.

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