Dr Foster and transparency

Dr Foster is committed to transparency as the best way to both encourage the use, and improve the understanding, of healthcare information.  Our commitment to transparency means:

  1. Where we are working with publicly available data (see note 1 below) we will publish our metrics, methodologies and models and, from time to time, high level results so that third parties can validate the approach and the results.
  2. Where we are working with client data (see note 2 below) we will provide the client with full details of any methodology to allow validation of results. Dr Foster will never publish any client data without the express permission of the client.
  3. We recognise that clients often need to work with data privately but we believe that sharing of data – whether between colleagues within an organisation, between healthcare organisations, or between healthcare organisations and the public – is essential to interpreting it correctly and ultimately to improving healthcare.


  1. ‘Publicly available data’ is data that the general public and organisations can apply to see, and for which there are rules governing to whom it can be released and for what purpose. Dr Foster is licensed to receive publicly available data – such as Hospital Episode Statistics data – for which it pays a fee. Publicly available data is not necessarily published.
  2. ‘Client data’ is data we receive from a client as part of a contracted piece of work for which we are paid. Examples include the Global Comparators and Clinician Information programmes.