Ethics Committee

The Dr Foster Ethics Committee is a company limited by guarantee independent of Dr Foster. It was established to ensure that Dr Foster meets the standards set out in its Code of Conduct.

In the event of a complaint that cannot be satisfactorily resolved by Dr Foster, the committee can undertake an investigation and make a ruling. Adjudication outcomes are published on the Ethics Committee pages of the Dr Foster website, as is the procedure for handling complaints.

The Committee’s other role is to stimulate independent and challenging debate around some of today’s most difficult issues in health and social care, with a particular focus on the measurement of quality and value, data, and transparency. It aims to become a trusted and authoritative voice in the international debate on healthcare quality by offering new ideas to decision-makers and influencers on how these issues can best be tackled. It does this through its series of seminars for healthcare leaders and its publications.

Download the latest Ethics Committee publications here

Contacting the Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is responsible for adjudicating on complaints that have not been resolved satisfactorily by Dr Foster. If you have a complaint about Dr Foster we would encourage you in the first instance to seek to resolve the issue with the company directly.  If this is not successful, or if you would prefer not to discuss the matter directly with the company, please email .

The current chair of the Ethics Committee is Joanne Shaw. Previous chairs are listed here. The current membership of the independent Dr Foster Ethics Committee is as follows: