Analytical services team

The analytical services team has expertise in a broad range of areas including epidemiology, statistics, psychology, immunology, geography and anthropology. Using their extensive skills and experience the team works closely with healthcare intelligence specialists  to support our clients, using the underlying data to answer specific research questions in a tailored way that complements the resources available in Dr Foster’s online tools.

The team responds to questions ranging from mortality to efficiency, market share to disease- specific insight reports. Their final outputs are defined by the client’s specific requirement, from one-off or recurring data feeds to reports and presentations. The team also facilitates visualisation and understanding of their data in ways that draw upon the range of skills we have, from maps to bespoke statistical modelling. As well as bespoke projects for our clients the team is heavily involved in research, assisting our propositions team with the development of our latest products, exploring new datasets such as accident & emergency data, and advancing international research, both with the Global Comparators network and with other international clients. The team provides a very flexible service, and enjoys the challenge of working with clients to help them deliver improvements.