Innovation in healthcare.


Founded in 1999, we are proud of our record as pioneers in the development of the healthcare information market in England and now globally.

As healthcare continues to change we continue to innovate, from our work on the creation of indicators measuring and benchmarking performance within healthcare organisations to the annual publication of the Hospital Guide in England; 2001 was the first time mortality rates had been published for a healthcare system anywhere in the world.

When Dr Foster started, simply providing comparative information about the quality of healthcare was innovative – nobody inside or outside the English National Health Service had the information they needed to tell good care from bad. Today, healthcare systems in England and around the world have embraced the need for reliable data, information and analysis. The challenge for those in healthcare today is to analyse that enormous wealth of data intelligently and quickly, and take action where necessary.

Working closely with our clients, we look to identify how new sources of data, new indicators, and how better ways of visualising, presenting and engaging with the data can lead to better decisions and better outcomes.

  • Innovation in the United Kingdom

    With Clinician Information/My Practice we are currently developing the next generation of information for use by clinicians and managers in hospitals. Working closely with clinicians, we have created a range of clinically relevant metrics to enable benchmarking across a number of individual and team-level clinical quality and productivity measures.

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  • Innovation in Australia

    We are working with the Department of Health in Victoria on the first Australian deployment of our Quality Investigator product, allowing Australian clinicians and managers for the first time to drill down from alerts on overall hospital performance right down into individual patient records, and helping to shape the national quality agenda.

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  • Innovation in North America

    Our Mortality Reporter programme is a closed group benchmarking network providing complete mortality performance benchmarking across hundreds of participating US facilities uniquely incorporating the nationwide CMS medPAR dataset with local administrative data.

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  • Innovation globally

    Our unique Global Comparators group brings together over 50 of the world’s leading hospitals in ten countries to share their data and better understand variations. For the first time in history we have created a complete and linked dataset of up to eight years’ of inpatient hospital activity covering all major procedures and diagnoses.

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