Dr Foster Labs

We are passionate about working with our clients to understand their needs, experiment and try out new ideas that can help improve healthcare outcomes. We work together on prototypes of some of our latest ideas and encouraging users to give feedback directly to the engineers who developed them.  We do this work in our own offices and onsite with clients, making it easier to engage with the full range of users of our solutions and the consumers of the information they provide.

Some of the things we’re doing currently are:

  • Working closely with clinicians to find out how they want to be measured, and what forms that information should take
  • Building hundreds of thousands of statistical models, enabling us to work with more data sets, and to make potentially complicated data more digestible and intuitive for our clients
  • Building datasets for specific procedures and diseases based on linked hospital and primary care data configurable to the user, enabling further research and the definition of new and highly-focused outcome measures
  • Continuing to develop expert knowledge of other countries’ healthcare data and building new analytical tools around these

We also work closely on new product development with our Product Advisory Board

If you’d like to get involved with shaping the future generation of Dr Foster products and services please get in touch