Innovation in the United Kingdom

  • With Clinician Information/My Practice we are currently developing the next generation of information for use by clinicians and managers in hospitals. Working closely with clinicians, we have created a range of clinically relevant metrics to enable benchmarking across a number of individual and team-level clinical quality and productivity measures.
  • Our Care Quality Tracker is the only online quality monitoring tool designed with and for NHS acute trusts and commissioners that acts as an early warning system, enabling trusts to investigate any alerts before they receive  notifications or reports from the regulator;
  • For the first time in the 2013 Hospital Guide patients in England were able to see the Hospital Standardised Mortality Ratio (HSMR) for their local hospital. The site-level HSMR is an experimental indicator used to assess mortality in individual acute hospital sites. Most hospital indicators are calculated at ‘trust’ level, which are the administrative and financial organisations running hospitals. However some trusts are made up of more than one individual hospital, or ‘site’. On a day to day basis these hospitals function independently and in some cases the mortality rates at one site can be very different to another site. It is therefore important to know the mortality rate for each site separately.