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About our solutions

Dr Foster delivers insight in a variety of ways, to suit user needs.

We are experts in healthcare informatics and benchmarking, and deliver value to our customers in the form of analytical tools, dashboards, data-as-a-service and a range of consultancy services.

Our core products are web-based analytical tools and dashboards. All online tools and dashboard applications can be securely accessed through a standard internet browser. In addition to the products outlined on these pages, our Analytical Services team provide bespoke analytical expertise utilising data from both in-house datasets and through processing and analysing those held within customer healthcare organisations.

Key features

All of our online tools benefit from the following functionality:

  • Secure, web-based access for unlimited users within a licenced organisation
  • A managed data service, to provide monthly updates without a data-processing requirements on customers
  • Online tutorials, knowledge base, user feedback and support functions including access to a HelpDesk and a local Account Management team
  • National or internationally pooled data, to provide benchmarking against peers and expected rates
  • Options to visualise data tables, charts and download data into Excel or PDF formats

Analytical services

Our Analytical Services team provide bespoke services to NHS and international healthcare organisations in the analysis and benchmarking of healthcare data.

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Dr Foster and transparency

Dr Foster is committed to transparency as the best way to both encourage the use, and improve the understanding, of healthcare information.

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