Commissioning services

Our significant analytical capabilities provide actionable insight for commissioners to inform decision making for the future.

Effective delivery across our commissioning business intelligence service

As part of the eMBED Health Consortium, which provides end-to-end commissioning services on the Lead Provider Framework, we provide a range of business intelligence services to support flexible commissioning and clinical decision making, with market-leading and innovative systems underpinning the information you receive.

We enable managers and clinicians to easily understand the quality and efficiency of commissioned healthcare through pioneering ways of extracting, linking and cleansing local and national data. Our systems are evolving to support the needs of commissioners and identify opportunities for efficiency saving and improve patient pathways and outcomes.

Key areas of service delivery include:

  • corporate and specialist dashboards (including monitoring and interrogating primary care performance)
  • comprehensive contract monitoring reporting
  • high-quality, timely performance reporting
  • risk stratification and predictive modelling
  • data management including acquisition, validation and processing

Innovative business intelligence for the future
We are well equipped through our relationships at a local, national and international level to develop new, innovative solutions to support the future health agenda including intelligence and performance measurement of whole systems of care.

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