Getting early warning of potential mortality issues through data

Mortality indicators based on administrative Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) data such as the HSMR are often only available around 15 weeks after the event. Other indicators such as the SHMI are published only quarterly and have an even greater time-lag. We have heard a strong and consistent need from our customers for more timely reporting to support local quality and mortality reviews.

We have now developed,  in partnership with NHS trusts, a new Early Warning Mortality metric based on more timely data as taken directly from trusts. This new approach allows:

  • Access to timely data to allow faster identification of potential issues within 10 days of month end including mortality issues
  • Faster assessment of the impact of any internal changes made to processes

Below is a short video from Dr Natasha Robinson, former Associate Medical Director at Northampton General Hospitals NHS Trust who we worked with to develop this new metric. In this video, she discusses why the metric was created, what its main benefits are for the trust and how Northampton General worked with Dr Foster to develop the indicator.

If you would like to find out more about this new metric and how it can help you, please contact

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