Dr Foster Unit at Imperial College London publications


1 January 2013

The Dr Foster Unit at Imperial College London publishes regular papers to develop new methodologies to assist healthcare improvement. Links to the latest publications from the Unit are below, you can view more publications on the Imperial College London website.

  • Bottle A, Aylin P, Loeffler M, 2014, Return to theatre for elective hip and knee replacements: What is the relative importance of patient factors, surgeon and hospital? The Bone and Joint Journal, Vol. 96-B no. 12 1663-1668; DOI
  • Bottle A, Gaudoin R, Goudie R, Jones S, Aylin P, 2014, Can valid and practical risk-prediction or casemix adjustment models, including adjustment for comorbidity, be generated from English hospital administrative data (Hospital Episode Statistics)? A national observational study, Health Services and Delivery Research, Vol: 2 Issue: 40 DOI
  • Alexandrescu R, Bottle A, Jarman B, et al., 2014, Classifying Hospitals as Mortality Outliers: Logistic Versus Hierarchical Logistic Models, Journal of Medical Systems, Vol:38, ISSN:0148-5598; DOI
  • Murray J, Bottle A, Sharland M, et al., 2014, Risk Factors for Hospital Admission with RSV Bronchiolitis in England: A Population-Based Birth Cohort Study, PLOS One, Vol:9, ISSN:1932-6203; DOI
  • Currie A, Burns EM, Aylin P, et al., 2014, The impact of shortened postgraduate surgical training on colorectal cancer outcome., Int J Colorectal Dis, Vol:29, Pages:631-638; DOI
  • Gaudoin R, Montana G, Jones S, et al., 2014, Classifier calibration using splined empirical probabilities in clinical risk prediction., Health Care Management Science, ISSN:1386-9620; DOI
  • Nouraei SAR, Middleton SE, Hudovsky A, et al., 2013, A national analysis of the outcome of major head and neck cancer surgery: implications for surgeon-level data publication, Clinical Otolaryngology, Vol:38, ISSN:1749-4478, Pages:502-511; DOI
  • Alexandrescu R, Bottle A, Jarman B, et al., 2013, Current ICD10 codes are insufficient to clearly distinguish acute myocardial infarction type: a descriptive study, BMC Health Services Research, Vol:13, ISSN:1472-6963; DOI
  • King C, Aylin P, Moore LS et al.Syndromic surveillance of surgical site infections – A case study in coronary artery bypass graft patients.J Infect DOI
  • Burns EM, Bottle A, Almoudaris AM, et al., 2013, Hierarchical multilevel analysis of increased caseload volume and postoperative outcome after elective colorectal surgery., Br J Surg, Vol:100, 0007-1323, Pages:1531-1538 DOI