Is ‘special measures’ working?


8 February 2015

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This report provides the first analysis of the impact that the intervention of ‘special measures’ has had on mortality rates at the 11 hospital trusts placed under these measures following Professor Sir Bruce Keogh’s review into standards of care in 2013.

The key findings are:

  • Special measures has been effective in reducing mortality rates across the 11 trusts combined.
  • The pattern of mortality rates across the 11 trusts varied with some showing stronger improvement than others.
  • The trusts that were taken out of special measures first had exhibited a turnaround in mortality rates with a rising trend in mortality rates changing to a falling trend.

Our analysis finds that the pattern of mortality rates at the 11 trusts as a group is significantly different to the rest of the country and that this is not something that might have happened by chance.

Dr Foster response to comments on the report “Is ‘special measures’ working?”