My Dr Foster


We foster talented, pioneering teams with a strong focus on understanding and supporting customer needs.

Senior team

Our leadership team is dedicated to supporting health and care systems to make better and faster decisions to improve quality and outcomes, cost and efficiency and develop healthier populations.

  • Jason Harries

    Jason Harries

    Managing director

    Transforming our services to provide new solutions that support executives, managers and clinicians to make better and faster decisions so they can transform healthcare service provision.

  • Peter Gerber

    Peter Gerber

    Business development director

    Passionate about ensuring we are an independent voice acting as a credible and critical friend to our customers, that we understand their needs and help them to achieve their ambitions.

  • Paul Hermolle

    Paul Hermolle

    Technical development director

    Dedicated to adopting pioneering technology and techniques to provide more flexible, interoperable solutions for health and care organisations.